Fashion? Budget? What’s That?

I know we have heard we have to spend 100s of dollars on the latest fashion to be stylish, but that’s so not true! With being a single parent of three, investing in my companies, I still have to look good right? I still have to shop for clothing. Who doesn’t like looking good on a budget? I love when I can shop clearance or thrift and get name brand, quality items that fit my budget. Lately, I have been finding great piece onPoshmark from the comfort of my phone! Poshmark is a website/app that allows you to sell items online that are new or gently worn that are just sitting in your closet! How cool is that to make money off of items that are just sitting in your closet.It gets even better you can also purchase items as well! The outfit pictured, I found the pants, which are Banana Republic by the way, for only $8.00! Go ahead and try the website/app, Find your look on a budget! Send me photos of your outfits you brought from Poshmark to!1044306_10108270122110811_8635212670935281487_n


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