When I initial visualized my shoot and my look for that shoot, never did I imagine that it would turn into a learning experience and tribute. What I had in mind was to show off a look for prom that was fierce and different. One that showed my individuality and uniqueness, something that displayed what I really would have worn to prom, granted if I had the confidence then, but then something happened. My aunt, passed. I learned to not question God or the process, but instead to reflect on the happy things and joyous moments with that person. So that’s what I did. I reflected on the times we spent together and the many things I learned from her. One of the biggest things is individuality. My aunt was always herself, she never tried to be like anyone else. She embraced herself wholeheartedly and it showed through her style. My aunt could put some looks together, I tell you…lol. When I use to wear certain things, people would tell me I look like her as well, at first I was like nope, but then I embraced it. Just as my aunt had embraced who she was. I found it is much easier to just be you, be yourself. So Auntie these photos are in memory of you. Although you are gone, your spirit lives on with us. Gold balloons for my golden girl!

RIP Betty Jean Rutledge-Williams

November 27, 1940-April 7, 2016


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