How many times have you went to work, but have plans after, like meeting up with some friends to go for a night out on the town, or head out to a comedy show? In my case, I would have work, then get the kids settled in, get dressed, and all before I can even head out for a night with friends. TIRING!!! However, I have mastered the one-two-switch as I call it. What is that you ask? On days that I know I will be going out with friends, I have learned how to take a look for work and transform it into a night look, just by switching up one or two things. In the photo below you will see where my day look was a graphic t-shirt (which I LOVE) with a nice skirt from Burlington and black heels from AMI Clubwear . Now switching to my night look, I switched out the graphic tee for a nice ruffle blouse which I picked up at a local thrift store and add this nice clutch from Plato’s Closet in Gainesville, FL to complete my night look! One-Two- Switch!collageDSC_1559



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