Let me tell you a story about a person that didn’t think her voice mattered, that no matter how many times she said no, he still continued, no matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t get him off of her, no matter how much she pleaded it didn’t matter, the sad part about it, she knew him well, she never thought he would ever hurt her, but he did, she kept wondering what did she do to deserve this? He striped her of the little worth and pride she felt she had left in just a matter of minutes. Although she never spoke about it, not even to her family, she felt hurt, she felt guilt, she felt bound and all she could do was just pray about it. She prayed for God to build her back up, she prayed for God to give her strength, she prayed for God to help her forgive. God restored her, she was able to forgive him, and she is FREE! She is ME! I went through one of the most horrible experiences in life, BUT I AM FREE!!! I wear #Denim for #DenimDay in recognition of those, like myself, that have been sexual assaulted or raped. There is no excuse and never and invitation to rape. No matter who they are, NO MEANS NO! #DenimDay #IAmFree #Restoration #SexualAssaultAwareness #IChoosetoLive #iWin


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