Modlily Review

We all see these ads on Facebook about the different shops with cheaper clothing right? We then take a look into it and see that it originates from another country, more so China. OMG! What to do? Well as for me I did research on size conversion to make sure I have the perfect fit for the dress, shirt, or garment I order. Recently, I ordered a dressed from Modlily as you see pictured below. The dress actually pictured on the site is the one on the left and the one I received is the one on the right. Now, instead of ordering a small as I usually do, I ordered a Medium because Asian sizes are smaller than American sizes. The dress fits well. The only draw back is the length. In the picture on the left it’s floor length and the one I received only comes to about my ankle. Still not bad considering the price I paid. Long story short, the pictures that are pictured on this site and sites like it aren’t the ACTUAL garment. They actually take pictures of already made garments, and they make them themselves and sell them. Kinda misleading? Not really because garments that I have ordered in the pass were identical to the photo at times and other times not so much, either way, I could work with the garment. Shipping was about 14 days more or less, but keep in mind they are making the garment. Overall, you have to be mindful of all factors when ordering from sites like this. Will I order again? YES!!! Will I wear this dress again, Yes, but as a skirt!



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